Would You Like To Save Big Money On Your Auto Insurance And Reduce Your Risk Of Auto Theft?

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With rising gas prices, skyrocketing health care costs, and other Americans feel the economic crisis. Let’s put some money back in your pocket right now and let’s take a bite out of theft.

Would You Like To Save Big Money On Your Auto Insurance And Reduce Your Risk Of Auto Theft?
The best part is

(1) You do not need to switch insurance carriers.

(2) Local car dealer cost $ 299- $ 499 for the same service (the actual price should be $ 25- $ 30) -what rip-off! (Note dealers also charge $ 200- $ 1000 for replacement of the lamp when you can buy a light clean and Restorer for under $ 20).

(3) You can easily buy directly from the manufacturer below cost right through the internet!

Police departments, insurance companies, AAA Auto Club, Motor Week, Speed vision TV, and leading consumer groups and publications all recommend window etching as a strong theft deterrent and a great investment.

Top 10 most stolen autos:

1. Toyota Camry
2. Honda Accord
3. Oldsmobile Cutlass
4. Honda Civic
5. Jeep Cherokee
6. Chevrolet truck
7. Toyota Corolla
8. Chevrolet Caprice
9. Ford Taurus
10. Ford trucks

Did you know that every minute 19 cars stolen in this country! Vehicles equipped with a visible theft deterrent system 4 times less likely to be stolen. Auto etching uses a strong caustic to etch vin # 's and other registered numbers into the window (glass is the third most valuable item after plastic lamp and air bags that professional thieves look for - these items and then resold on EBay and elsewhere by thieves to cash quickly). 95% of theft is a professional car thieves.

Chemical auto etching is a safe process. No damage was done to the vehicle and can be done in a professional manner. It is very affordable as Costas actual 70-85% less than auto dealer cost and has many benefits:

1) Has been proven to increase the resale value of the vehicle.
3) There are no mechanical parts to break or need repair.
4) SAVE AND HAVE PEACE OF MIND! 9 out of 10 auto thefts are by professionals who will not take a car with traceable numbers.

One of the security measures that most effectively is having a security number etched on each window. Start saving big on your insurance today! Auto etch, like lights clean and Restorer, a bona fide products are supported and used by the police in each country. It's guaranteed to save you far more than it costs, has many benefits, and you can undercut the dealer and buy it without paying their ridiculous prices ($ 200- $ 600 +)! For more information on Auto etch and / or similar products like headlight restoration kits contact the author below or look for auto etch on the internet. * Insurance discounts can vary by country and operator.