Car Insurance on Rentals

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When it comes to car insurance, there are some you can fall into the trap. Contract complicated and very difficult to understand, and that is if you even have time to read it. The fact is that most people do not read the contract of insurance and there is a lack of important information when it comes to the consumer and the content of their own insurance contracts.
Car Insurance on Rentals

One of the problems with this information gap is that it can lead to a waste of money. Every time you rent a car you will be asked what type of insurance you want. Option is generally to take nothing that no fee, or you can close the insurance, which should cost about $ 10 per day. Then you have various options to cover the rental own cats, prices vary from company to company and state. Full coverage option, which includes the obligation, passenger and car rental generally, comes to about $ 25 to $ 30 per day. Most people really do not know what options they have to take action.


Liability insurance is the only insurance you are required by law to take. Everything else is optional. That is the first and most important thing to remember when you are in the rental counter, and the total price for the car two weeks holiday and you quickly add up. Another thing to know is that in many cases, you will be covered, to a certain extent by your car insurance that already exists. You will need to check your insurance policy to be sure, but for most of the drivers, they will have liability insurance car insurance based on their own, and this will lead to a rental car.

However, it is unlikely that a full or comprehensive coverage will bring from your own car insurance. This is because comprehensive insurance is calculated based on the value of your car. Insurance does not want to be in a position where they define your policy based on your response, $ 15,000 vehicle, and then have to pay when you crash lease $ 40,000. So your policy states that only the insurance will be provided when you rent.

Credit card cover

You may still need a no insurance from the rental company however. This is because many credit card companies, including Visa and MasterCard, offer this insurance if you pay the rent with one of their cards. This is the main benefit of using a credit card and should not be wasted. Again you should check with the credit card provider what they cover, but the point is, if your own insurance covers liability, and your credit card covers rental cars, why pay a few hundred bucks for the extra insurance when you've covered?

If you are in any doubt regarding your insurance, however wise to take the rental company's policies, particularly the obligation.