Car Insurance FAQs

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I can insure classic cars or modified; which will offer insurance?

Car Insurance FAQs
Yes, you can insure modified car but because your car is a car specialist, not all auto insurance company might be willing to provide coverage for it because it requires high prices of spare parts and skilled labor if the car is involved in an accident. Thus, you must take special car insurance which is designed especially for modified and classic cars.

How can I reduce my auto insurance premiums?

If you want to reduce your car insurance premium you have to take care of a few things. Park your car in the garage instead of leaving it on the drive. Suitable insurance approved anti-theft devices; Consider third party fire and theft for older cars. Find discounts offered by insurance providers when asking for a quote. Young drivers (under 25), who are often charged very high premiums, should have extra driving course certificate.

What is 'excess'?

That is the amount you must pay when you make a claim for loss or damage to your car. It can be voluntary or mandatory. If someone else caused the accident you may be able to reclaim the excess through the legal cover, which can be enjoyed by your car insurance policy. If you lose the excess. Voluntary excess is the amount you agree to pay to the company. The hotel offers a discounted premium. The excess shall generally be charged to young drivers. Because of the high risk factors and the company does not want to insure them. So, to be sure, they have to give up this payment.

Does the law cover?

Providing expertise and assistance necessary to recover the insured losses such as medical expenses, loss of earnings and excess payments where the error was not yours. Available as an optional with most car insurance policies.

The insurance company can cancel my auto policy?

Yes, your auto insurance policy may stand canceled if you fail to pay premiums, or if your customer’s license has been suspended or canceled during the period of the auto policy. Also, if there is fraud or a serious wrong when completing the application for insurance, if you are convicted of a crime, or if changes are made to the property that increases the risk of losses, the company can cancel your insurance policy.