7 Auto Insurance Tips

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1. Raising your deductible
Deductible is the amount you pay from your pocket before making an insurance claim. The disadvantage of raising your claim when you make a claim, you will pay more. However, if you are a safe driver, you will overtime save more money by raising your insurance deductible. Look at your insurance claim history and make a wise decision for yourself.
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2. Auto teenagers - Drop a comprehensive / collision coverage.
If your car is not worth much, why pay for comprehensive coverage and collision insurance. You can visit a number of sites online to find the true worth of your car. Additionally your insurance broker might be able to pull the true value of your vehicle.

3. Take advantage of low mileage
Some auto insurance companies will give a discount if you drive less than a certain number of miles or drive less than a certain distance to work.

4. Move - considering the cost of insurance.
If you are considering moving, it would be a good idea to contact your insurance agent and get his opinion on the cost of insurance in a new city or state.

5. Low profile vehicle
Your vehicle will also determine the overall cost of your insurance. Some favorite car to thieves because they take good price. Some cars are more expensive to repair. It makes a lot of sense to do a considerable amount of research before you make your car purchase.

6. Make sure your vehicle is properly registered by your insurance agent.
Many manufacturers offer somewhat similar model names for vehicles but insurance costs can vary. Additionally 2 or 4 door or the wrong model can affect your car insurance quotes.

7. Had your insurance broker check the prices of insurance companies.
Many companies will offer a discount if you and your spouse are insured with the same insurance company. In addition, if you are looking for home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance from the same insurance company, you will get some discount. Contact your insurance agent to save money.