Health Insurance A Surprise Graduation Gift

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A computer or a car, parents are looking for a useful gift for a new college graduate may want to consider health insurance.
Health insurance A surprise graduation gift

The new college graduates and their parents are often surprised to learn that many health insurance plans stop providing coverage for the adult children through parents about the plan even when they stay at home.

Typically, most adult children who are students will lose their coverage when they reach the age, certain Masters or not attending school on a full-time basis. Because most new college graduates will not have coverage until after they have found a job, many find themselves falling through a gap in coverage.

Number of young adults who fall into this category can be important. According to the Census Bureau report of 2002, 18-to-24-year-olds are the age group least likely to have health insurance.

Some find an effective way to address this need with the kind of medical insurance product called temporary or short-term. The policy is designed to fill short gaps in health insurance coverage and usually covers the period ranging from one to six months. The exact length of coverage can vary by country and company.

For example, Assurant Health - a company that helped to pioneer the concept of short-term-offer coverage policies typically cover a period of 30 to 185 days. Generally, this type of plan is more affordable than permanent insurance plan because insurance companies take less risk.

Because temporary policies are usually designed to cover unexpected, most do not include coverage for preventive care, physicals, immunizations, dental or eye care. Also, while policies generally do not cover pre-existing conditions.

While typical customer for short-term health insurance graduate students are no longer covered by family planning, but not covered by an employer group plan, the policy may also be of interest to others. People who change jobs or make the transition to a new career, or new employees face a short waiting period before becoming eligible for employer insurance group, may find that it needs.