On Employment Insurance

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It is often said that bad things can happen to you even without your cooperation. Which can also be said about jobs and careers. Lack of available jobs, mass lay-offs and layoffs, reorganizations and mergers, in today fast pace anything can happen. When it comes, the experience can be devastating for many people, makes it worse when savings are not enough, high debts and payment arrears.
On employment insurance

Being prepared is always the best way to cushion the effects of lost revenue. Employment insurance has made you continue to enjoy the benefits of income. Employment insurance can help you receive maternity, Services compassionate treatment of disease, provide support for family members who are sick, caring for the baby, even fishing benefits and many more.

To apply for employment insurance all you have to do is to apply online. Employment insurance is paid even when the applicant will receive money when unemployed.

When applying for a job insurance "labor notes" will be required of you that you should get from your last employer or proof of employment such as pay slips, pay stubs and certification.

Other documents you need when you apply for employment insurance will cover:

Social insurance number. If the number of your sins begin with 9, it means that you are an immigrant and will need to include immigration status and work permit. You will have to supply the employment record includes 52 weeks ago when claiming for medical and sickness benefits, medical certificate will have to be equipped. When applying in person, prepare your driver's license, passport, or birth certificate. Provide bank information is also complete.

Checks or voided check from your personal account at this time will be required, such payment will be made directly to the account. When applying for parental benefits, social insurance number of older people will be required.

If you are applying for compassionate care benefits, a medical certificate must be provided. You must also provide versions of the facts surrounding the cause of your unemployment. Together with this is a statement of the total salary before reduction, including commissions and other income gains, the amount that you will receive including severance, vacation pay, pension etc.

Do not delay when applying for employment insurance, delaying the application beyond four weeks can cause penalties or loss of profits.

If you receive financial assistance form the social services while waiting to get employment insurance claim, you will need to change the number of your employment insurance benefits.

If you are healthy and can not be applied to your work insurance, representative appointments can be set to make a request on your behalf,

Once you have applied for the job of your insurance, you will receive a statement of benefits including access codes and the date for the first report. The passcode no longer means that you claim has been decided on. Together with this will be instructions on how to complete your report.

If you have filed your report with all the necessary information to settle, you will begin to receive your insurance force 28 days after the filing.