3 Ways Your Health Insurance Company Is Your Impostor

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The increasing number of consumers who take out a health insurance plan has led to the proliferation of fraudulent health insurance providers. These service providers are often the target of new retirees and elderly individuals and small business owners, who can not negotiate better rates with legitimate insurers. Be very careful before you invest in health policy. Read on to get an idea about the three ways in which health insurance company you can scam you.
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1. Failure To Pay Claims
Usually health insurance agent fraud registering a large number of people quickly by offering them lucrative deals. This insurance providers continue to pay a small premium amounts and medical claims, but if there are a large number of claims or regulatory capture them, these companies illegally disappear as if they never existed.

So, just be careful if you get a delayed payment or service provider offering a false excuse for failure to make payments. If you have signed up for this plan is illegal, you may be liable for the medical bills of your employees as well.

2. Freely Licensed Health Plan
If the company you buy your health policy is not licensed by the state Insurance Commissioner, you could be in trouble. If all insurance protection rules do not apply to your service provider, then the company may be fraudulent. In this case the service provider fool you by selling license-free health plan.

Insurance agents are not allowed to sell any legitimate ERISA or union plans as federal laws regulate them. So, if your insurance agent trying to fool you by selling "ERISA" or "union" plan, report it to your insurance department.

3. Unusual Coverage Is Offered At A Lower Price
If you offer an unusual coverage regardless of your health condition and that also at a lower level and more advantages compared to other insurance, it's time for you too to press the panic button. Do not be fooled by the lucrative offer, else you may be taken for a ride. 'scamsters' aims to collect large quantities as early as possible, so they try to sell the maximum number of attractive pricing policy.